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Generation 3 Tennis Court Lighting

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Following an installation from the 5th - 7th November the tennis court now has its third generation of floodlighting.

The new 150 Watt LED flood lights supplied by Carbon 8 Lighting have been fitted with an anti-light pollution lens to reduce the amount of light pollution from the floodlights to the surrounding house to less than a normal street light.

These lights replaced the old 450-watt Mercury floodlights, two of which have not been operational for several years, meaning that the tennis court was unevenly lit making it difficult to play tennis in low light conditions.

A special mention to Donald, Steve, David, Trevor and Harrison for volunteering to help replace the old lights.

The new lights can currently be controlled from a switch at the back of the female changing rooms however this switch will be moved in the near future to a more accessible place for everyone.

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